Health Care Plans

The health team is here to care for all children’s health needs while they are at school. If your child has a significant medical condition or specific medical needs, we ask that you complete the appropriate Health Care Plan and/or Health Care Provider’s Authorization for the Administration of Medication forms and submit them to the health room prior to the start of the school year. Should an emergency happen during the school year involving your child, and we don’t have any medical information or care plans on file, we will need to call 9-1-1.

Please be aware that all health-related paperwork such as Health Care Plans and Permission to Health Care Provider’s Authorization for the Administration of Medication forms are valid for only one academic school year. They must be completed for each school year. All medical forms require the signature of a health care provider with prescriptive authority as well as a parent’s signature.

Health care plans allow you the opportunity to communicate to us the individual needs of your child, as well as how you would like us to care for them should they have medical issues while at school. Summer is a great time to take these to well-child checkups for your health care provider to fill out.

Available health care plans are:

Bleeding disorders
Digestive disorders
Heart condition
Muscular Dystrophy
Seven Skin Disorder
Head injury
Hearing loss
Orthopedic problem
Severe visual disorder
Any other severe, diagnosed health/emotional concern/condition
Academic Accommodations (for a general health diagnosis)

Severe Food Allergies or Intolerances

We recognize that more and more children suffer from severe food allergies or have special dietary restrictions for a variety of reasons.

If your child has severe food allergies or intolerances, please read these important guidelines that we use at here at Thomas MacLaren School.

If you need special modifications made for Hot Lunch, please visit the D-11 Food and Nutrition Services webpage and find out more about their procedures for accommodating children with special dietary needs.

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